Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Babies and lawn mowers

As one may well imagine, the above ought not be mixed...

I am now into day 2, almost starting day 3 of sharing the life of 2 lovely little boys. The babies are feeding every 3 hours so I set my alarm and try desperately to get up on time. They get fed, nappy's changed and then resettled and we all go back to sleep to start it all again in a couple of hours. I awoke this morning quite obviously feeling a little worse for wear.

I was dreaming of mowing the lawn. Or so I thought. In fact I was really looking out my bedroom window watching the father of the twins mow his lawn with a remote control lawn mower. Yes you did read that correctly - he was wandering along behind the mower with a remote control which was attached by a cord to the mower. His lawn isn't even big - although in London standards it's huge. But he was out there in his suit trousers and shirt which I found even more amusing.

So if you're looking for the gift for that someone who has everything... I bet they don't have one of these.