Thursday, November 15, 2007

Time flies by...

I've been trying to get on here for weeks now. But with either no internet access or so slow I could have flown to NZ and back in between loading pages, or no energy - it was bound not to happen.

I got back from Canada and went back to No1 and No2 for what should have been a week. All plans changed yet again and I only did 4 days. I then took on a 10 day job and now in a 5 day job just to fill in a bit of a gap until I fly off to the wonderful Mustique with a family I know.

On Sunday mum had a few hours off and I was off so we met and walked to Westminster Abbey as it was Memorial Day. There was a memorial 'lawn' of crosses to mark all the service persons who have died in wars. The equivilant of Anzac day really. There was a little tiny bit of lawn for the NZ soldiers. People could buy a cross and write on it to remember a family member or friend and then put in the the ground in the appropriate site.

After mum went back to work I went on to Hyde Park Corner and had a close up look at the NZ memorial that had been erected in 2006. I had been past it on countless occasions riding on buses but never managed to stop. It is a darn sight better up close then it is from a distance... Interesting.

While I was there I heard the telltale sound of horses hooves on concrete and when I looked up the Queens guards were coming by - I guess to collect their team from the horseguards to go home for the night. So lovely - and almost no one to get in the way of my view!

Then it was home again to get on with the mundane part of life... packing my bag ready for work tomorrow.