Saturday, August 25, 2007

You wouldn't read about it - 'til now...

I decided this evening to go to a movie. I'd heard there was a New Zealand film that was on general release. This excited the socks off me so tracked it down to a very local cinema and off I went.

There didn't seem to be a rush for the ticket counter - not that I expected one at 10.45pm, but I did think there may be a few others in this area keen to see a bit of Kiwiana. How wrong could I be.

For the first time in many, many trips to the cinema in this country I was the only audience for a movie. It had happened a few times to me in New Zealand, but I never thought I'd experience it in the UK. The population being a little denser here...!

So I decided on a row near the front and counted in 9 seats - the middle - and sat down to enjoy. And I did enjoy. It's a painful movie in it's subject and the snail pace at which it moves. But the humour in it is fantastic. Lily writes songs to play on her guitar... "You are apples, I am tangerines. We are different fruit from the same tree," just one of the more memorable lyrics.

I wondered if the humour may be a bit too Kiwi for some, but quite frankly, do I look worried? I enjoyed it and would recommend it to those not needing the usual Hollywood action to keep their attention.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

I'm on a Stone!!

There must be something in the water here... It took me a few too many hours to finally get out of bed this (morning?). And I was sitting almost exactly where I sit now winding my way around the online world seeking a new house for us to live in. One with a bathroom and enough space to swing a cat - but that's a whole different story...

I had had enough of all that and went off track a bit. To Gumtree again, if I must be honest, and put in that clever little word again, 'tonight'. And guess who came up for grabs today! Mr Jagger and friends are in London as part of their European tour. There were several tickets available to this show, but at a much steeper price then Prince. Over 3x the cost of a Prince ticket! But then I thought to myself, it's not every day you get to see a group like the Stones, so made some calls and a couple of hours later I met with M who had broken his ankle and couldn't see himself climbing the stairs to his seat. Shame...

How sad for him and what a score for me. The warm up band were a bit more of a blow-your-eardrums-out-before-the-real-thing-then-it-won't-matter-if-the-Rolling-Stones-are-rubbish band. They were very very loud and not very musical in all that noise. There was one song they did that was lovely - I recognised it then, but now? heck knows what it was...

Then the RS came on singing a well known tune which title eludes me right now. Then they did a whole lot of stuff I didn't know. I got bored so went out to the loo and bought a couple of Smirnoff Ices. And when I got back the stage had moved! And the tempo had risen and the crowd was up on it's feet having a whale of a time! Now this is what I came for!

The stage was in the middle of the floor instead of up the far end. Prince's stage was central for the whole show and I think I preferred that. After a few more songs, the stage then moved back into original position... very clever. And the music really picked up too. Everyone was dancing and singing along to all the old favourites. I even stayed the encores this time - I don't usually as leaving a building with 23000 others takes time and patience. And of course taking public transport with the same 23000 people is a total nightmare!

So watch this space... who is next?

Who the Prince was that???

I want to do something a little different so I look online for opera, ballet, theatre etc for tonight. Nothing.

I was on the phone to mum so I'm rambling on about wanting to do something. It seems the severe lack of energy I've been suffering is on it's way out. So I get onto Gumtree and do a 'tonight' search in the tickets option. And who should come up?

Prince. He has 21 shows on his 'world' tour and they're all in London. Hmmm. And Mathew is selling a ticket for tonights show. I dump mum off the line and phone Mathew. He says is a fan and this will be his 3rd show this week. I'm guessing he probably is a fan then. He bought this ticket when the sales first went out and then just yesterday he was offered a floor seat. Much better then his original so he has to get rid of the original.

He puts his add on Gumtree and - he says - 3 minutes later I call him and agree to meet him at the O2 centre at 7.30. It was meant to be I think.

I have to admit, I really don't know anything about Prince. He doesn't do interviews so how could I know him? I know a few of his songs from the 80's but don't know anything more recent. I am also wondering was it Prince and Purple Rain that caused the riots in Auckland in the 80's?? Anyone know?

I've never seen the O2 Centre inside before. Formally the Millennium Dome, it of course was another of London's 'let's spend an exorbitant amount on something that will never amount to anything' projects. It's now looking like being a useful and interesting site - now it's under private management of course.

But it is huge and has lots of restaurants, cafes, bars etc. It even has it's own beach...

Prince is a great entertainer, for a small lad he has a big presence. I only recognised a few songs but loved the energy he emitted. He said at one point we should all phone a friend so they could enjoy the show too.

Thanks Mathew for the ticket and I'm really glad I went. Prince is the first big music event I've been to in London... can't really count Tom Jones here can I?? And I'm going to be more spontaneous on my nights off in the future...

Where was I?

How slack am I???

So much has been going on it's impossible to get a clear enough head to sit here and write. Pity 'cos there's so much to write about when that happens!

Lucy was over last week. She arrived the day after I finished my 3 month job so I was a wreck to say the least. I hadn't slept very well the night before - my usual post-job energy burst when I sit and think of all the things I must do now that I have X days free. But of course I spend X days recovering from sleeplessness etc, and then find myself with one day to do everything that would normally take several days...

C'est la vie. Lucy arrived and we both inserted match sticks to enable our eyes to stay open. I had booked us a table at the Ivy restaurant but our table was for 9.30pm. Not a good time for either - me having just not slept enough and Lucy being on a 5 hours ahead time slot.

Dinner was divine but unfortunatly no stars to be spotted this time. Just lots of Americans being very loud and a couple sitting quietly near us who we named Ms Sparkley and Mr Animal Print. Both looking a little oogley at each other and having quiet conversation while their outfits screamed LOOK AT ME!!! Very cute.

I ate lobster - sorry lobster. But it was very delicious and I'd eat him again given the chance. At the end we couldn't manage a desert each so we shared a Sticky Date Pudding. And even though I was known as the Sticky Date Pudding Queen in Mapua, I have to admit this walked all over even my best attempt. Truly divine and perfect in texture, taste and presentation. I'll be going back if just for another Sticky Date Pudding.

We got home and Lucy was asleep before her head hit the pillow - mum's new 'bought-to-match-my-sleeping-on-air-pillow'. And I sat up until 4 am thinking I ought to be going to bed, but not having the urge to sleep. Then finally I hit my lovely pillow with a heavy head only to be up again in 4 hours.

Lucy left at 5am'ish the following morning so I went back to bed and slept until 2pm. When I woke I wanted to do something a little excting and perhaps a little different...