Friday, September 28, 2007

Too much excitment!

Today has been a thrill a second as I slept until 3.45 this afternoon.

I got up earlier and had some breakfast with Pam then went back to bed to 'read my book'. Cunning plan, I thought. Then woke just after 3.30. Feeling much better as I've been going to bed late and getting up early.

Last night was another evening sitting in the back garden - me on the Baileys this time. Chris's sister came over and we had wonderful animated conversation, mostly regarding the Burma situation - a subject close to Pam and Chris's hearts.

I just went for a walk to find a store to buy something for (lunch?). Found a large supermarket and have now got lunch on the way.

Plans for tonight... Chris's brother coming over and another night in the garden assuming it doesn't rain as I suspect it may.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Landing in a flood of tears

I landed in Toronto yesterday. I arrive here with mixed emotions - excitment at the thought of seeing Pam and Isaac again and sadness for not being soon enough to see Chris.

Isaac is taller and thinner then when I last saw him. He's just as adorable although a little shy with me initially. He still loves tv just as his dad and him used to in London. He also speaks with a true Canadian accent. Very odd when the last time I spoke with him he was East End London through and through!

Pam is just the same. We shared a bottle of wine last night in the back garden and it could almost have been London - even the same grey skies!

And of course the big difference is the lack of Chris. Very strange. It seems like he's just away at the moment, I think I'm expecting him to turn up at some stage, even though I know he won't.

I went for a wander downtown today and happened upon a shoe shop with my size shoes. Most exciting thing was walking out with 3 new pairs of shoes. Apologies to the bank account... But it will be so nice having a choice of shoes to wear when I get dressed in the morning.