Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Hunters and the mayor of London...

Lucy was over from Armenia this week so on my day off we booked dinner at Langans in Mayfair, a place recommended to me by my current client.

It was wonderful. The food exquisite, the service attentive but not overly so, the atmosphere warm and lively... And of course we were dining with the Ken Livingstone, Mayor of London - well, ok he was at the next table! When a waiter delivered a dessert to a young man at another table nearby and started singing Happy Birthday, Ken sang along too. After the hip hip hoorays Ken jumped up and shook the bewildered lads hand. All very amusing.

Not quite so interesting as the drama going on outside in one of those modern timed toilets that was positioned on the corner opposite. Firstly a rapid response car turned up (a paramedic) and then a police car, then an fire engine and lastly a van of the company that looks after the loo's. Then while I was watching the birthday boy blush with extreme embarrassment, the whole drama ended and when I looked back only the toilet company men were left.

So I am left wondering... Did someone have an unfortunate event within the loo and then get stuck? Or was it just a paramedic who needed the loo and didn't have the right change?

But the highlight of the evening was the bottle of Hunters wine we had with dinner. I was so excited to see a Hunters Sauvignon Blanc on the wine list - there was no hesitation in my choice - sorry Lucy if you thought you'd have liked something else!

A fun night out indeed.