Saturday, April 19, 2008

Pope Idol '81

The Pope just drove past my front door. I wanted to invite him in for a nice cup of tea, but he got away too quickly.

He is staying 4 blocks from me and while out walking the boys this morning I came across his vehicles all 'parked' in 76th St. I say parked, but the fact remains that the buses didn't really fit and the long cars were a bit awkward too. He has one helluva big entourage which it seemed was not much appreciated by the local traffic... Especially one other very large car on the road - part of another cavalcade it seems - who tried to run the boys over in his haste to turn the corner while I was on a pedestrian crossing with a 'go' sign!

After a moments vigorous waving of my hand he slunk sheepishly and much more sedately off down the road - no doubt regretting his stupidity after seeing the expression of his passenger in the back!

Anyway, back to the Pope... he picked a great day, the sun at full burst and the warmest day of the year so far. A very lovely 81F/27C. It went from spring to summer in only a few days and I feel sorely cheated.

Oops back to the Pope... There were at least 25-30 motorcycles and many large vehicles carrying armed folk. One SUV had his back door open revealing a couple of guys armed with large scary machine gun-type things. An ambulance, many many uniform police cars, plain clothes cars with serious people on board - no chance a joke or two. A tow truck??? Heck knows why... More bikes, 2 black sinister looking buses, two official cars - one carrying the Pope of course.

And no sign whatsoever of Gordon Brown who I hear is also on a visit to the US of A.

Gordon who...?

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Slacker then a wet towel...

I have had the worst couple of days in my job since the last worst couple of days that I had a while ago...

And in the midst of it I was talking (ranting) to mum this morning and at the end hung up without saying


So here it is for mum today

And - if you were wondering - my day has had a miniscule improvement since this morning...

Sunday, April 13, 2008

It's late and I am tired...

...but I'm receiving complaints loud and clear from around the world about my lack of chatter on here lately.

As seen on my previous post I am tired and grumpy and ready to move on to the next adventure. It's been a long 10.5 weeks so far and the last 1.5 weeks look to be no different. Although, with luck, I will be busy so the time will pass easier.

The sun came out again on Thursday and I was able to walk to the park a couple of times (narrowly missing at least 3 dog-rats). But the sun went away again yesterday... Maybe tomorrow, but I will never know if I don't go to bed now as I will not be able to get up in time to see daylight at this rate.