Sunday, August 26, 2007

It's a scarey world out there...

I went to another movie tonight that couldn't have been more different then last nights one if I'd tried.

I went to see Sugarhouse. A British movie about a crackhead and a middle class guy in a bit of a tight spot who meet under 'stressful' circumstances and of course drama ensues.

I won't write too much in case you plan to see it as it would be too easy to give away the whole plot. But ultimately it set me to thinking again about how futile life can be. How easy everything can change and how unbelievably sad some peoples lives are... And how quickly priorities move. How money doesn't make everything better when you have some; but makes a big difference when you have none. How can that work?

Then to top it off, I went to a convenience store on my way home and a very drunk/stoned woman barged past me and got a drink off a shelf, opened and drank some then went to the counter and said that her boyfriend was paying. He had left after paying only for a beer. So an argument followed where she called the shop keeper names I'd never heard before and she tried to run out of the shop. He caught her but she managed to get away while still reading him his pedigree.

It made me angry to think that she could deprive the shop keeper of his income and still think he was being unreasonable. Why is it some people work hard to eke a living while others think the world owes them and are willing to take away from those working hard. I bet if someone stole from her it would be a whole different story.

Just a philosophical moment I guess, but scary and thought provoking