Thursday, December 25, 2008

Time flies and the end nears (of 2008)

It sure does, it is weeks since I last posted on here and even so I have no exciting news to report.  

I spent a week in Chicago on the way back to London earlier this month and thoroughly enjoyed myself - although would have been much more interesting to not have been working.  I was very limited in the times I could get out to explore so I didn't get far and now need to go back to complete all the things I've missed out on...

We got back to London almost 3 weeks ago and it has all been about settling the babies in and getting life calmed to a comfortable point for the family.  Since returning, I have had two days off and due another tomorrow.  Really looking forward to it!

Lucy made it back to NZ after her accident in India.  Unfortunately the whole time she was in London I was in Illinois and we only got to see each other on the eve of her flight out to NZ.  I was part of the pack horse gang that she needed in order to get all her luggage to the airport.  

Megg is now living in London too so I get to see her every now and then which is lovely. 

I am making plans to go to NZ sometime soon - although 'soon' may be 2010 at this rate!  Too much to do and too little time...

But right now, Christmas day is ending and I must make it to bed ASAP as I have babies who will require my attention in 2.5 hours.  

Good night!