Friday, September 12, 2008


I went to dinner today with friends Teresa and Heather at the Ivy. It will be Teresa's birthday tomorrow so a celebration was needed.

Starting with a bottle of my favourite champers in the bar (hoping it was to everyone's taste... my taste buds were indeed impressed) and soon moved to our table for the evening.
A quick look around and there was John Cleese - my complete inability to star-spot is clearly high lighted here as I was facing him and didn't even recognise him after he was pointed out!

A short time later and Helena Bonham-Carter turned up with Tim Burton (has that man no hair brush???) and a few others to dine one table over from ours.

Charles Darwin sat in the corner eating alone... well, OK, we had no idea who he was, but he really did look like Charles Darwin and he was eating alone.

Some stringy haired lads appeared a little later... surely they must be 'someone' - why else would you let such a scruffy bunch in?

Who on earth was that at the head of the table behind us...? Very familiar face...

Rather unfortunate that on the night Lucy and I went last year, no one of any note turned up and we ate 'alone'.

The lobster was excruciatingly good again, as was the sticky toffee pudding and the wine.

The finale was offered when Teresa and Heather ordered a Baked Alaska to share and the waiteress turned up with all the ingredients and put on a seriously spectacular display of fire on a pudding.


Monday, September 08, 2008

Scary things eating stuff in the garden

I finished my contract yesterday so sit here today looking at my computer screen wondering what I really ought to be doing.

The fact is there a 1000 things I could be doing but instead choose to wander aimlessly around my (very small) room occassionally sitting at my computer for a game of Zuma or to play with some photos.

Earlier today I was in the garden talking to a soon-to-be dad of two when I noticed a very large spider in a very large web. Upon closer inspection, I realised there were, in fact, two very large spiders in two very large webs and one of them was eating something very big and very strange.

...just wondering how often I can use the word 'very' in one sentence...

I of course found my camera and now have 72 photos of above mentioned spiders. This is the one that was eating - but in this photo the thing being eaten is quite a bit smaller then is was when I was busy on the phone.

This one lost his web after a micro hurricane (a swift breeze in reality) wizzed through and bent a branch which caused his web's anchor to snap. The web became a little bundle of silk and Mr Spider walked up and down a thread a couple of times then gave up and went to bed.

Hmmm, a spider that thinks like me...