Monday, March 11, 2013

Butterfly Creek, Auckland

I had yet more need for cheering up so I emailed Butterfly Creek in south Auckland and asked if I could meet them and discuss crocodiles et al.

They were originally a butterfly house but expanded in about 2009 to include crocodiles - as you do!  I asked why crocs and they were after something different that hadn't been done before in NZ.  They certainly have something different!

Goldie and Scar are the 2 big boys, Goldie about 4.9 metres and Scar about 5 metres.  They also have 3 American Alligators and some baby salties.  They have a few other creatures but I confess, I didn't really notice them…

I got to ask lots of questions and learnt a lot about behind the scenes of a zoo.  
Really enjoyed myself!  Thanks very much to Amy and Paul.
Amy playing with Scar
Paul and one of the small salties
Besties having cuddles, so cute :)
American Alligator
Scar, playtime
Hungry…  and focussed
All those teeth!
Ready to jump
Newly hatched butterly

Sunday, March 10, 2013

A day out in the Hauraki Gulf

I needed cheering up after several days of inaction in Auckland, so booked a dolphin and whale cruise on the Gulf.

It was a stunning day and looking out for signs of dolphins was fun.  Lots of bird life around and eventually lots of dolphins.  Sadly no whales but I was very happy to have seen my first penguins in the wild instead.

Rangitoto Island - the cloud was the only one in the sky!
Racing the boat
There was lots of jumping and showing off
Team racing
Single slalom
Show jumping

That little grey blip in front of the dolphin is a penguin!
There was a serious race for life going on here
I thought it was a goner until he did the scared bunny veer right trick
And swam off into the deep blue - safe for now.