Wednesday, July 04, 2007

I am sailing.....

If you see me floating by, could you please throw me a rope and haul me in. It means someone has lifted the anchor on the UK and we're now drifting aimlessly with the currents.

Britain has just experienced the wettest June on record and some parts are still under water over a week after the worst of the rain.
I'm keen to see some sunshine... Today the forecast was for rain, hail, thunder and lightening, sunny spells and wind. Just add some snow and we will have about all the weather throws at this country! Yesterday we had all of the above, today just rain and wind in my neighbourhood!

Roll on summer - which will apparently be on the 12th July for just one day according the weather 'experts' in the UK. I remember this last year - it was supposed to be August 12th - but it never happened. Instead we had a heatwave of several weeks that got more and more difficult to live in.

Oh I do love the weather here - never a dull moment!! - A wet one maybe...