Monday, April 07, 2008

Wish I could say life was a thrill a second here...

I'm now so sick and tired of NY and NY'ers I'm ready to leave and enjoy some courtesy and pleasantries in other parts of the world.

I hate that I am always having doors shut in my face as I try to manoeuvre a double pram in and out of the smallest shops on earth.

I hate standing at a checkout waiting to pay for something while the operator has a chat with his/her co-worker or taps away on a computer with great exuberance while blatantly ignoring me for several minutes before finally relieving me of my cash - albeit at snail pace with more attitude then seen at an annual Dykes on Bikes rally!

I hate that people walk their dogs on leads long enough to stretch around the earth 3 times and then curse me when I push the pram within a foot of their precious creature while it craps on the footpath and the walker is standing on the other side of the footpath talking to another dog walker whose charge has also stretched it's lead back to the other side of the footpath to form an X with the other dogs lead.

I hate the fact that most dogs in NY don't really even rate as dogs in the real world - slightly oversized, disobedient rats in other parts...

I think I've had enough of NY and will look forward to the 25th when I will breathe a different city's energy... From experience that energy will be calmer, warmer and more gentle on the soul.