Friday, June 15, 2007

Phoning the police

I just got a text from the babies mother warning of reporters potentially banging on the door so I went down to talk to the nanny and on the way I spotted Miss 4.5yrs on the phone in her parents bedroom.

I wondered who she could be talking to as I'm sure she doesn't know any numbers... I asked her who she was talking to and she said 'the police'. OK, so she doesn't know any other numbers except the police - so it now appears.

So I took the phone from her and said 'hello?'
And the voice at the end says 'hello'.
I say 'Is this really the police?'
She says 'yes'
I said 'oh'
I said 'I'm so sorry, we're going to have to have a serious chat'
She says 'yes, she asked me to put Master 3.5yrs in jail'
I said 'oh...'

Once off the phone, Miss 4.5yrs tells me that Master 3.5yrs was being mean and chasing her so she wanted him in jail. We had a little chat about wasting police time and hopefully that will be the end of it all.

But, in the middle of all this is the reporters...
Why? Because my clients are connected to the lad who just won the British Apprentice TV show this week. His mothers house is currently surrounded and we're just lucky to have the occasional door bell.

Oh the excitement...

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The hill from hell

I've been on a mission to get into shape and I was going to hire an exercycle because I'm in this job (in one place) for 12 weeks. I thought it would be a good chance to get some regular exercise as this is the one thing I find difficult in my job. Some days I don't even manage to get outdoors let alone take a good walk.

But, I discovered the need for a device to exercise on may not be necessary after I arrived here and discovered the hill I have to walk up to get to the house... I thought to myself I could save a few pennies and get fit!

So instead, as often as possible - still not every day but certainly most - I put the boys into their pram and go for a walk. It does not need to be a long walk as right on my doorstep is the hill from hell. It's short but steep and boy do I know when I've walked it!

I go down and do any shopping or chores that need doing then take a deep breath and walk up the hill, I then turn around and walk down again. Then another bracing breath and up again. So far it's only twice, but I think I may be ready for another run this week. I have to say it must look quite 'interesting' watching me. While people huff and puff up the hill, I overtake them pushing a huge double pram with 2 babies on board. I then turn at the top and do it all over again! I do huff and puff myself, but I'm lucky in that at the top of the hill I can hide in my front yard and do my breath catching in private!

The other day, I went on a small marathon walk with the babies and walked a few miles (who knows how many!??). To get home I walked through Primrose Hill which is a lovely park set on a hill, as you may have guessed. Before I got there I thought I would head home via the 'home' hill thinking I wouldn't have had enough of a work out by then. How wrong could I be! Primrose Hill lives up to it's name and the hill I walked up was much longer but as steep in places as the 'home' hill. I was in a major sweat by time I got to the top but the view over London was wonderful.

I went home the easy way instead.