Monday, June 10, 2013

And another last day :(

Now it's time to say a fond adieu to Sri Lanka.

I can't wait to come back - I found my little paradise here and I never knew it existed in this wonderful country.

I had no idea that there were opportunities to see so many animals and birds, I'd never looked into it of course.  But still…  I was amazed to see a leopard, lots of monitors, both land and water, so many muggers, so many elephants, even a gorgeous tusker who came so close to us.  So many birds, storks, herons, eagles, little birds, big birds and those pesky peahens by the millions (or so it seemed!).  They're not really pesky, but they are so common - and so noisy!

I met heaps of wonderful people here.  I also had no idea that there are so many people so passionate about keeping the environment safe and well for the creatures that live here.  The work they do is incredible and given the circumstances that they fight against, they really are phenomenal!

I would love to come back very soon and bring people who I know would love it here also.
Thanks Sri Lanka!