Thursday, July 03, 2008

Coffee and cake

It's been an incredibley tough couple of days. (More on Maternity Nurse Diary... soon...)

Today I had a chance to escape the house and get out for a walk with two of the three and as it was raining and thundering and flashing massive lightenings, I went into a cafe and ordered a coffee and small chocolate slice. Quite delicious too.

I left the cafe and bumped into Daddy with baby No3 so we walked back toward home together. He suggested a coffee so I obliged (as you do) and ordered another coffee. He then suggested I try a macaroon so I obliged again (having never tried a genuine French macaroon). I choose the chocolate one of course

An hour or so later I was feeling very light headed and couldn't stop talking. I have learned my lesson - until next time - that one very tired person mixed with 2 strong black coffees and 2 chocolate delicacies make for a very enthusiatic couple of hours.

Not feeling quite so enthusiastic now though...

Monday, June 30, 2008

Joy of Socks

I thought this ought to go on the personal blog rather then the maternity one as simply could not resist using this as a title.

This morning we bathed the boys and put them in clean outfits and these ones were ones without feet so we had to put socks on instead. Being tiny little babies with nothing more then chicken sized legs, we are having trouble keeping theirs socks on.

After their last feed I picked up one baby and his sock fell off and then another and the same thing so I picked up the sock and exclaimed 'Oh my goodness - the joy of socks!!'

Not til afer saying it did I realise just how close it sounded very close to a very famous title from the 70's...