Friday, July 31, 2009

A bee - but not in my bonnet

It's been too long, and so much going on - but no time or energy to blog.

I'm in Colchester now in an 8 week job with twins. As usual it keeps me busy and oblivious of the outside world. In fact, today I took the boys for a walk in the garden for the first time since being here. Not sure if it has been laziness, exhaustion or the weather keeping me inside and idle.

I am in a lovely country house on a very quiet lane with only tractors with trailers laden with summer harvests dashing back and forth. The postie drives along once a day and we occasionally hear another car, but so very peaceful after the madness of London.

They have a huge garden (at a guess it must be about 3-4 acres) of which about half is lawn and the rest an orchard and out buildings.

Today while out tootling in the garden I realised just how many insects there were and how I have become 'unused' to them being around. I had my macro lens on and was trailing quite a few interesting creatures. Every time one flew away there were many waiting to take it's place.

Tonight is a perfect summer evening (about bloody time too!) and I have walked along public foot paths to a pub that comes recommended for it's food. There is a little fountain and lots of outdoor seating. It reminds me a bit of a garden bar at home - except better hanging baskets.

I am off tonight and tomorrow so will hopefully get out and explore somewhere a bit further afield - they have lent me their car for the day.