Saturday, January 01, 2011

More weather...

I'm telling you, I'm getting obsessed with the weather.

Today the sun came out and I got the paddling pool out again after 3 days of storm and tossed the boys in for a few minutes before the wind chill factor spoiled the fun. That was after I had poured 3 buckets of hot water from the kitchen tap into the 2 buckets of water from the pool to warm the paddling pool enough to reduce the goose bumps on the boys legs!

I also found myself feeling nervous as the the paddling pool was rippling in the wind and I had visions of the boys being scooped up, pool and all, by a hefty gust of wind and me running along below in a desperate bid to catch them before they landed in the Atlantic ocean never to be seen again!

Earlier in the day, my client went to the beach and we discussed the possibility of the boys going too. We both decided against it due to the wind. I did suggest we could tie a string on them and call them kites, but the idea was not acted upon...

Thursday, December 30, 2010


Why am I sitting on a tropical island in the Caribbean writing about weather??? I didn't think I could find enough to talk about...

For example
"today was sunny, yesterday was sunny, I hear the forecast for tomorrow is for sun, I think I'll go to the beach..."

But because it is so bad, I can't think of anything else!

The first week here, was cold, grey and windy. Nothing I couldn't have had in London... I really did not need to travel this far to experience this sort of weather.

The second week improved slightly and we had a few days of bliss - until yesterday that was. Last night I was woken by howling wind and torrential rain at 01.53. Anyone who knows me, knows that I sleep like the dead. It was very noisy and I woke several times.

Today has been a mix of monsoon-like rains, hurricane style winds and extremely confused visibility across the bay.

I will post some photos when I am on my computer as there is an island in view of my room that I watched and photographed a few times throughout the day as the scene changed with mist, wind, rain etc.