Monday, November 16, 2009

Mum and I are VIP's for an evening

I was given VIP passes for me plus one to go see Kasabian last night at Wembley Arena.

I first asked Megg (sister) if she would like to go but the answer was a resounding negative (not surprising - she listens to Radio 4!). So I asked my friend Teresa, again a no.

So talking to mum a bit later and I said I didn't ask her as I knew it would be mega loud. And I have still a very clear memory of mum stuffing tissues in her ears at the Tom Jones concert a few years ago!

How wrong can one be! She said she would love to come!

So last night we both finished work, jumped on trains and met at Wembley. Kasabian weren't playing until 8.45 so we planned our arrival on that. Picked up our VIP passes, dropped of our work bags to the coat check and made our way to our seats.

We got there just as Kasabian was about to start.

OMG! What an amazing concert! The special effects were simple yet great to watch, the crowd below us in the mosh pit were great fun to watch also.

All drinks were poured into plastic cups for the show as the night before a bottle that had been thrown had hit the guitarist in the hand. When talking to him, he said it is a sign of how much fun they are having and things get thrown all the time. What an interesting way of showing your affections. But if that is the case then this crowd were more in love with Kasabian then words could express!

Cups were flying the whole night and a few other interesting things too. Crowd surfing was banned and the security had a very busy time dragging off the offenders.

At the end we were escorted to the VIP room to meet up with the band. We had a drink with them and then headed for home - getting out of the VIP/stage area proved more challenging then getting in! They take security very seriously.

But as we left we got to see the floor covered in plastic cups and awash with beer as the cleanup gang started shovelling loads of cups into rubbish bags - I really really hope they recycle!!

Mum sat through the whole thing and can now say she has been to a real rock concert! Took a few years to get that one under her belt - but better late then never.