Tuesday, February 12, 2008

It's still cold

I took the boys out for a walk today. It was -9C when we left - with the windchill it was more like -18C. They were dressed in their snow suits in the pram with cashmere hats and blankets, snuggled under the apron with the rain cover on to stop the wind.

I carried the thermometer in the pram so I could come home if it reached 0 degreees C inside the pram. I also have a thermometer on the outside which reached 0 very quickly and then malfunctioned when it should have gone lower.

They went down to 9C inside the pram and we had a lovely walk looking for socks for the boys. I found one pair at gap and then went to Maddison Ave to another shop I'd been recommended. They did have the type of sock I wanted but were charging US$18.00 per pair, so funnily enough I decided they could stay in the shop for some other fool... I'm off to go internet shopping instead.

My chin had an ice cream headache this time but in my nice long coat (thanks Mum) and knee boots I was very toastie everywhere else!

Monday, February 11, 2008

It's cold now!

Today it finally turned 'New York' cold and I just happened to only have my light coat... I must have caused the cold snap because of that!

I came out of the subway this evening and the wind was one of the more lazy ones I've met - it went right through me and everything else in it's path instead of going around. There were flurries of snow and a cold cold wind... oh I already mentioned that. I had an icecream headache in my face and hands. Brr

Tomorrow is supposed to get even colder... Yay!! I've been dying to try out mum's new long, down coat that she kindly left here for me! I wore it a couple of times earlier and got way too hot in it so put it back in the cupboard. It will certainly be out again tomorrow.

Just checked the temp outside and it is -9C but feels like -18C due to wind chill factor etc. Eat your heart out Lucy you're only -7C at the moment!