Friday, January 11, 2008

A-shopping I did go...

I went shopping today and came home with an item that I did not expect to come home with.

I mostly don't regret the impulsive purchase, in fact very little of me regrets it at all, the only wee problem is that this lovely new thing is quite big and I (and my mum - gulp - she has no idea!!) live in a very small bedsit with barely enough room for us let alone the lovely new thing too.

I bought something I have had my eye on for years and vowed I would get before I returned home to NZ. I had thought I would get the full version of it and not the 'play' version of it. But it was the toy one that presented itself to me today with a sign on it (I think only I could see it though) saying 'Buy me Jenn - you know you want to'.

Daisy and Tom is closing - can you believe it?? I can't. It's the best toy shop I have ever had the pleasure of shopping in. It has always had just slightly different things that other places don't have. It also has the most incredible range of children's clothing upstairs. Slightly out of my price range - except for today. It also has it's own Merry-go-round that runs a few times every day for the children to ride on free of charge. Upstairs in the clothing section it has an automated puppet show.

They sometimes stocked the full size Silver Cross coach built pram that I dreamed of taking home with me one day. But what they always did stock was the children's one. I often looked up on the top shelf where it sat on display and thought how nice it would be to have one for myself.

Today my wish came true and I have a Silver Cross doll's pram all to myself. I am just not that sure how my mother will react when she arrives home to find it parked in our small room. I do think she will be a little more underdstanding when she sees that it is in fact a twin doll's pram.

I have 2 weeks in which to break it to her gently...